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LEARN how I use my professional training & 40 years of professional experience to help individuals navigate through their life challenges and speed bumps. 

LEARN ACT & commitment therapy tools- Mindfulness and Solution Focused therapies to weather & manage "Life's storms, large and small" 

GATHER the tools & resources that can free up creative energy spent on worry, anxiety, life trauma & more.


"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

~ Vivian Greene

take control of



GATHER THE SKILLS to embrace and manage your worry, emotional demons, fears and disengagement in your life paths

By using tools such as MINDFULNESS, SOLUTION FOCUS, GOAL PLANNING and a KIND and COMPASSIONATE yet CRITICAL self assessment of your psychological map, self-growth and a balanced life is attainable.


Let me help YOU.



Aetna, Horizon, Medicare & Medicaid Accepted



Your Greatest Self.


By using your life experiences (both positive and negative) with mindfulness, solution-focused therapy and ACT problem solving as tools, we can develop a strategy to promote new skills and learning for self-growth.

I focus 25% on the problems and 75% on the mutual crafting of self assessment tools and solutions.

take a step back & 

discover your 



What are you waiting for? Call for a consultation today! We can then begin to take a look at what areas of your life you feel might need a bit of attention.


What is your goal?


Identify what is holding you back from achieving emotional balance and well-being.


We can work together to get you where you want to be in life.


Sometimes, reaching out for a little help can give us the tools and techniques we need to tackle life's challenges. Life is always going to challenge us. Let's work together to gather the skills needed to overcome these obstacles!




Together we can create an environment with exchanges and conversations that are safe, supportive, productive and respectful. I believe that I bring a variety of experiences from my academic and professional endeavors but I feel that I have learned the most from my work and alliance clients.


Ange Puig, Ph.D.

"The universe is not short on wake up calls, we are just quick to hit the snooze button."

                                    ~ Brené Brown

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